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Philadelphia, Pa, United States

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh hello there!!

I would like to introduce myself. I go by from mel, melanie, and melly . I am 25 about to be 26 in... ouch.. 9 days. I am engaged to my best friend. We have been together for the better part of eight years. We are in no way perfect but love each other very much. We both strive to be the best people we can and part of that challenge is creating new and delicious meals, while at the same time keeping healthy & fit and traveling to where ever we feel like. So far we have traveled to Egypt, Peru, Italy, Greece, Turkey, England, Germany, and a bunch of Caribbean izzlands. But right now we are putting our love of traveling on hold to save and plan for our wedding. I work in a Level one Trauma-Surgical Intensive care unit as a RN and I am a certified CCRN. This blog is a way to stay in touch with family and friends. Share some great recipes, love and life experiences.

I am going to start out with blogging some of the recipes I have made over the last month! Then I will post as I make them.

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