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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


So as lent is coming to an end i am asking myself the question do i return to the efbe? aka Facebook. I gave it up for lent. I did this because since moving back to Philadelphia I am much closer to my best friends, not to exclude my loves in the district, but Facebook has become much less of keeping in touch and much more what feels like keeping up with the Jones'.
This is not me and I do not like it. I mean why am I comparing myself to people I barely know..or why am I judging?.... PLEASE, do not even act for a moment, no matter how old you are, that you haven't silently stalked that former ex who gained 25 elbe's/ that former ex's girlfriend who gained the 25 elbe's...... or that girl who got knocked up in 10th grade and baby got whacked with the ugly stick ( i apologize that was below the belt-babys are never ugly) .
Then my mind starts going why haven't we bought a house? Why are we waiting so long to have a baby...and it goes on and on. Then I take a deep breath and remind myself.. I'm ( almost) 26 & while I would love to own a home.... I don't want to right now. Who knows where I will decide on to go to grad school...and while I am obsessively in love with my nieces and nephews.... I am in no way shape or form ready to play mommy. I am so excited about furthering my education, spending a few years traveling with C before we start a family. Most importantly why am I judging these people? Who cares? It does not affect my life and i need to focus on bettering myself, period, end of story. So for now ill use this as my outlet and keep facebook deactivated.

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